New stuff at Waitby

So, exciting news at Waitby School – wait for it – drum roll – we have a new TV and sound system!

Watching Gracie's YouTube on our new smart TV

Watching Gracie’s YouTube videos on our new smart TV Click here for the full video

Over the years we have been stocking an extensive library of CDs to play through our wired-in Bose surround sound speakers.

There are two main disadvantages to this, the first being that our guests are limited to our music choices, or what we feel we ought to buy in order to cater to all tastes. The second problem is that a few guests have obviously liked some music so much that the CDs might have found their way into cars and travelled away from Waitby, never to return. But we are sure they love their new homes.

We bought Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’ three times, and gave up replacing the Killers, Goldfrapp and Mercury Rev. Sigur Ros often did a disappearing act as well. For some inexplicable reason, Cliff Richard’s greatest hits and Songs from World War II (donated by friends, I hasten to add. Yes, really), have remained firmly in place since Waitby School opened its doors to guests.

Things move on.

Now guests can play their own music from their phones, iPods, laptops and tablets through our Sonos system, which streams music wirelessly. We’ve been listening to Reflektor at full blast on repeat for quite some time now (the joy of being on a building on the fells, far away from neighbours).

So now it is over to you what you listen to… Enjoy!

We have also upgraded our television – we now have a 48-inch Samsung Full HD LED TV with Smart Hub, WiFi and Freesat, all connected to our Bose surround sound system and Sky package.

We’re just about to watch the England Game on it. This is going to be a long night, even if the picture is perfect. I’m now wondering what is the point of having an amazing TV, with a fantastic picture, if all I’m going to do is watch with my fingers over my eyes?

And this is before Uruguay scored...

And this is BEFORE Uruguay scored…




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