From our younger guests…

We’ve had some wonderful feedback over the years (see our testimonials), but one of the most uplifting things that we get to do is to read the views and stories of the children who have stayed at Waitby School over the years.

Hannah, you win the awesome genius award for your drawings!

Hannah, you win the awesome genius award for your drawings!

Gracie has left a book in the school desk and some little messages, and thanks to everyone who has responded, from the child who was called ‘the little treetop fairy’ by her mother, because her bedroom felt as if it was in a treetop eyrie, to the lovely children who have left suggestions of things for others to do.

Here are some extracts…

“Dear Gracie, thank you for the lovely holiday, I wish I lived here, it’s so nice. I had a good time. The rooms were lovely and ha da great view over the countryside. Love from Nu.”

“I love the garden, I love the sofa, my bedroom and the beanbags,” Jemima, age 5.

“The views are outstanding, the whole scenery is breathtaking. All in all it is a lovely countryside home and I wish we could come again because the surroundings are so beautiful,” Charlie and Harry.

“I really like the house, it’s awesome! I like my bedroom because I have a double bed and an ensuite,” Benedict, age 5.

“I love school. Be happy at school,”Anon.

George, thanks for your picture

George, thanks for your picture

“I like the triple bedroom and all of the books, especially Diary of a Wimpy Kid… the views are outstanding. Thanks,” Tom.

And Hannah T, the effort and work you put into your drawings were excellent! You get 10/10! To answer your questions to Gracie…

Gracie is now 12 years old, but was 11 when you wrote to her. Her favourite colour is purple – you were right!!!

Thanks Freya, we love your card...

Thanks Freya, we love your card…

George is her second cousin – her mother is his mother’s cousin.  And no, we haven’t climbed Nettle Hill. It is on our list. Thank you so much and hope you come back one day soon.

You all get top marks. Well done1


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