Cumbrian and London breweries collaborate on Brit Hop

London brewer Fuller’s has teamed up with the Hardknott Brewery in Cumbria to create a limited edition seasonal ale called Brit Hop, which will be available in Fuller’s pubs and selected freehouses throughout April. Brit Hop (4.1% ABV) is brewed with eight British hops.

Brit Hop

The limited edition brew will be available in Fuller’s pubs throughout April

Hardknott head brewer Dave Bailey and his wife Anne travelled down to London earlier this March to take part in the first brew with Fuller’s brewing team.

John Keeling, Fuller’s head brewer, was pleased to be reunited with Hardknott: “I’ve worked with Dave before, on a beer last spring called ‘The English Experiment’, and this time it was Dave’s turn to visit my brewhouse,” he said.

“This is the most varieties of hops that we have ever tried in one beer, and I think probably the most British hops ever used by any other brewer on the planet. The beer was inspired by our very own Chiswick Bitter, which only uses British hops as well. Think of Brit Hop as Chiswick on steroids!”

A new brew for 2013, Brit Hop is described as a full-flavoured, but not overpowering, fruity beer, with spicy, peppery notes, rich gooseberry and vine fruit flavours and a soft, sweet aftertaste.

“I am really pleased to be linking up with Fuller’s” said Dave, “I had a great day in the brewery, but the main thing I contributed was to shout “more hops” at every possible opportunity!”

“I’d like to add a note of thanks for the free flow of technical information from the brewing staff. John and I both agree that craft brewing is about people, attitude and brewing comradeship; something very evident on all my visits to Fuller’s.

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