Fancy a last-minute break?

Waitby School in Autumn

Waitby School has a last-minute special offer for the week beginning September 22 - click here for more information. Call us for rates if you want a mid-week break!     more »

Crosby Garrett Roman helmet on show in the UK

Crosby Garrett Roman mask

Slightly old, but exciting news nevertheless (it was released three days ago), the ancient Roman helmet that was unearthed at Crosby Garrett is going to form part of a new exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In the extremely unlikely event that you haven’t heard of this more »

Events coming up…

Autumn light from Waitby School

Update: Please note, this blog entry was written in 2012 - some events are regular, others were one-offs. In the latter cases, links may no longer be live. We have just received the latest newsletter from Kirkby Stephen’s Walkers are Welcome, which is full of information about things that are more »

Autumn update

Autumn in the area is always spectacular

The new website is complete and live! We’ve put a lot of work into this and the designer Tim, at Graphic Violence, has done an amazing job. Probably the hardest part was deciding what to include and what to leave out, as there is just so much to say about the house and things to do in the area. more »

What’s going on…

Waitby tree

It feels a bit odd writing a blog for a site that isn’t yet up and running, but it is also a good way of clearing my thoughts and focusing on what we want to achieve with this redesign. So much has happened since we first launched Waitby School and our website several years ago – London was more »

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